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Special receptions in Tuscany

Special Receptions in Tuscany


After the emotion of the ceremony, this is a moment of relaxation. It is a crucial moment to communicate with the guests. This though is something that can be very difficult, because there might be many guests, and many other things to do besides. For this reason, music tends to let everyone understand what this special moment means for you. Music allows a number of sensations to come to light and these will be the main feature through which most people will remember your wedding.
The kind of atmosphere that you wish to create is the leading key to choosing which kind of music is most appropriate for your reception. Would you like something elegant and refined, or something entertaining and amusing? Or better, why not have both but at different moments? Any kind of music can be considered, and therefore just about every piece of music can be played. Then the right music group is then chosen to play the right type of music.
Even for the reception, there are different moments when music is most appropriate. Therefore, music can make these moments special, or it may emphasize every moment of the day.
These are some of the moments during the reception when music is appropriate:

Before the Couple Arrives: music here is a background that, while it creates the right atmosphere and any kind of music can be chosen, it does not interfere with conversation.

 When the Couple Arrives: this moment is emphasised by the Bridal March of by some piece that is particularly loved by the couple. Once the newly weds have arrived, custom is to have some photographs taken at the restaurant. The music’s role on this occasion is to see that all the guests are entertained while they take their seats and wait for the wedding breakfast.

 The Wedding Breakfast: any ensemble will here play only between courses, so as to allow for pleasant conversation.

What we suggest

As we’ve already said above, just about everything is possible at the reception. An only ensemble may play from the beginning to the end, or a number of different musicians might follow each other. It is best not to have too many musicians play together during the breakfast so as not to have too high a volume of music that might easily disturb. Freedom of expression may come afterwards, during the party. For the first part of the reception the Duo is most adaptable. It may be a violin-piano (or keyboard) duo, or a violin and guitar duo, for classical and pop music; a singer and a keyboard for blues or lyrical pieces; a guitar and a singer for jazz. Even a quartet can play just about everything, adding though the perfection, the harmonies, the musical range and the elegance that only this ensemble can offer.

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